• Working Rule Agreement Lay Off

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The final agreement between Glencore and Viterra provides, among other things, a fight for non-re-education of Viterra, subject to the usual provisions of the “Treuhand” which haunt Viterra to consider and accept a superior proposal, a right in Glencore`s favour to comply with any overall proposal. If, in certain circumstances, the final agreement is terminated, including if Viterra enters into an agreement on a higher-order proposal or if the Board of Directors withdraws or amends its recommendation regarding the proposed transaction, Glencore is entitled to a termination payment of $185 million. Glencore International plc (“Glencore”) and Viterra Inc. (“Viterra”) announced today that they have signed a definitive agreement under which Glencore has agreed to acquire all issued and outstanding shares of Viterra for $16.25 $US in cash, according to a court-approved agreement plan. The transaction price represents a 48% increase over Viterra`s closing price on the Toronto Stock Exchange of $10.98 on the 8th. On March 27, 2012, the day before Viterra`s announcement that it had received interest rate returns on a potential transaction, and 55% of Viterra`s 20-day average trading price of US$10.48 per share, which ended March 8, 2012. The transaction values Viterra`s equity on a fully diluted basis at approximately $6.1 billion. The transaction is financed by Glencore`s existing liquidity and available credit facilities. Agreements are subject to customary terms of agreement, including shareholder agreement at a special meeting scheduled for December 13. If these conditions are met, the transaction is expected to close on December 19. The assessment-ready checklist is intended to provide a general summary of the sustainability requirements that rapeseed producers must meet in order to be certified under this voluntary program. Specific questions about the requirements and documentation required to prepare an evaluation should be addressed to your local grain artisans. As each company has its own program, they are in the best position to answer your question and help you decide if this program is right for you.

Our approach to sustainability reflects our commitment to act responsibly and meet legal requirements, to address the risks associated with our operations and to maintain our social license for operations. Glencore`s agreements with Agrium and Richardson International are described in the information circular that will send all Viterra shareholders as part of the transaction, and the agreement with Agrium will be filed on SEDAR under the profile of Agrium at www.sedar.com. A separate asset acquisition agreement has been entered into with GDT AgServices, in which Riverbend Co-operative Ltd. takes over shares at the Broderick, Strongfield and Tullis, Saskatchewan sites, offering employees of these entities the opportunity to join Riverbend`s co-operating team, enabling continuity for customers. “We look forward to working at full ownership of The Strongfield Grain Handling Plant and look forward to integrating it into our first-class asset network,” said Kyle Jeworski, President of Viterra and Executive Chef for North America. “Thanks to our agreement with GDT, we have been proud to serve local customers for the past few years, and we look forward to building these relationships by continuing to provide a high level of service and connecting them to global markets.” A copy of the agreement, the plan of agreement, the information circular and related documents will be filed with the Canadian Financial Markets Supervisory Authority and the Australian Securities Exchange and will be available under www.sedar.com. “Our agreement with Glencore will improve our grain processing and processing capabilities and help meet the growing needs of Western Canadian farmers.

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