• Working Rule Agreement Lay Off

    This plan has been extended until March 31, 2021. Many companies have been forced to lay off their employees or temporarily reduce their working hours during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Even if your contract says you can hear other jobs, you also have to ask your employer – it`s usually okay as long as you […]


  • What Is Investment Protection Agreement

    It is therefore necessary to carefully read the underlying contract and all applicable investment contracts. ILOs and MITs generally contain similar investor protection measures. The most frequent safeguards for these instruments are: the second era – from 1989 to the present – is characterized by a generally more welcoming feeling towards foreign investment and a […]


  • What Is A Collective Bargaining Agreement Contract

    Collective agreements in Germany are legally binding, which is accepted by the public, and this is not a cause for concern. [2] [Failed verification] While in the United Kingdom there was (and probably still is) an “she and us” attitude in labour relations, the situation is very different in post-war Germany and in some other […]


  • Washington Voluntary Disclosure Agreement Sales Tax

    A Voluntary Disclosure Agreement (VDA) is a contractual agreement between your company and the state, in which your company voluntarily submits its tax obligations in exchange for government concessions in the form of reduced penalties and restrictions on the number of years the arrears are taken into account, in order to pay its tax obligations. […]


  • Vehicle Operating Lease Agreement

    A vehicle lease is a document used to reflect a contract between a vehicle owner, the vehicle owner, and someone who pays the owner to own and use the vehicle for a predetermined period known as a tenant. A vehicle rental contract is most often used with new and used cars, trucks and motorcycles. However, […]


The right to the first refusal clauses sometimes leads to litigation in the equine industry. This can happen when horse buyers make their contracts and forget their promises years later. Sometimes these clauses are as ambiguous or unenforceable as what is written that the parties do not understand their rights and obligations. When you include “right of pre-emption” clauses in your horse purchase contracts, you design the language very carefully and consider looking for a lawyer to contribute to it. Horse sellers who rely on these clauses may want to remind buyers over time before the buyer launches the horse on the market; this can also help the buyer to inform others that all sales are subject to a pre-emption right. Disputes over the right to prior information can be complicated, particularly when parties develop ambiguous clauses or do not comply with them. In developing these clauses and assessing your rights among them, you should seek timely advice. What are the rights of people in general when they think that someone has violated a right of first refusal?.

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